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Sunday, May 21, 2006

From Ella Bear To Barely Ella

It's springtime and summer is rapidly approaching. Most ferrets put on weight for winter and lose weight for summer. Ella does this in rather dramatic style.  In the winter she looks like a miniature version of my Kodo, who was my "Big Bear", weighing in at over two kilos (around 4½ lbs.) in the winter.  Now she's a thin, sleek little weasel. Oh, she's healthy, happy, playful and bouncy. She looks great. She did the same last year so I'm not worried at all. It's just a big change.

Yes, I know I owe everyone new pictures. I promise to take some and post them soon, including one or two of the lightweight summertime version of Ella.

Nyssa is still here but she's struggling at times. Her tummy troubles are nearly constant now and her rear legs are so weak she falls in her own mess a lot. I clean her up regularly and she hates that. I also wash ferret bedding every day. Despite that Nyssa remains active, likes to be held, eats like a horse, and generally shows no sign of giving up just yet. Last night Zephyr tried to wrestle with her and Nyssa attacked back, a very good sign.

Chin Soon remains my lovable little monster and is just fine.

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Vet Visits for Nyssa and Chin Soon

On Monday I took Nyssa to see Dr. Sarah Wolfe, her vet, once again. Nyssa was given a melatonin implant to try and relieve the symptoms of her adrenal disease. I gave her a raisin flavored Bandit treat and she happily chewed on it while Dr. Wolfe injected the implant with a truly huge needle. Dr. Wolfe was going to go out and buy some raisin Bandits that night since they worked so well, keeping Nyssa distracted and happy. We opted for melatonin over lupron, which we had originally planned to give Nyssa, due to high cost and Dr. Wolfe's experience that melatonin often works just as well. If it doesn't work for her we will try lupron next.

The good news is that Nyssa actually gained just a few grams, and now weighs in at 755g. That's still incredibly thin for my once huge girl but it means she continues to hang in there better than anyone could have hoped for. Since her birthday a week ago Nyssa has only had two bad days. Zephyr, Nyssa's former arch rival and sometime nemesis, seems to have replaced Ella in watching after Nyssa and cuddling with her when Nyssa doesn't feel good. It's great to see those two getting along so well.

Chin Soon will be the next ferret to visit Dr. Wolfe in a couple of weeks. Nothing is wrong. Chin Soon is just coming due for her annual vaccinations for rabies and distemper. This also means that nearly two years have passed since my former housemate brought the little monster home. How time flies.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

A Gift For Nyssa's Birthday

Nyssa did get a gift for her eighth birthday -- a nicer one than I could have given her. She felt better on her birthday evening and was able to take part in ferret playtime for a total of maybe 45-50 minutes. Her beloved doggie was checked on and moved for safe keeping. Nyssa ran around and even took some revenge on Zephyr for jumping her.

Seeing Nyssa playing and running makes all the efforts to keep her going worthwhile. Next on the agenda: a visit to Dr. Wolfe on Tuesday for a melatonin implant which we hope will help relieve her adrenal disease symptoms.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Nyssa -- She's 8!

Today is Nyssa's birthday. She is eight years old. Happy Birthday, Nyssa!

In one respect I'm really happy. Nyssa's vets didn't think she'd live to see her seventh birthday and here she is at her eighth. It's a bittersweet day because Nyssa's long battle with lymphoma and now adrenal disease is really taking a toll on her. She had not been feeling well the last 24 hours and I am very worried about her at the moment. Nyssa has surprised me by bouncing back beforeso maybe she has one more little miracle in her.

I'm already spoiling Nyssa rotten so I haven't figured out anything extra special I can do for her today.

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