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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chin Soon Is Five

It was late in May, 2004 that my housemate, working with a local pet store that has since closed, rescued a little ferret that had been left at a local martial arts studio that has also since closed. That ferret, Chin Soon, was 11 months old at the time. Assuming that was accurate Chin Soon almost certainly had her fifth birthday recently. My youngest and often craziest ferret is now middle aged. Where did the time go?

The good news is that Chin Soon is happy, healthy, and still fiercely protecting her polar fleece toys. The only other ferret I've had who was so incredibly protective of and possessive of certain toys was Nyssa. Woe to any ferret who touched Nyssa's favorite stuffed doggie. Chin Soon isn't aggressive the way Nyssa was. If Zephyr steals a toy she'll patiently wait and steal it back the second Zephyr abandons it and make absolutely certain it's in one of her favorite hiding places, mostly under the coffee table. You can see her poking her head out from under the coffee table in the picture. She will then check on it regularly to make sure it stays put. That's my Chin Soon.

Happy Birthday little girl!

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