Ferrets' blog

A blog with news about my ferrets: Tata, Izzie and Liira. There will also be reminiscense about Tenchi, Adric, Ker Avon, Ryo-Ohki, Nyssa, Lady Ayeka, Romana, Pertwee, Podo, Kodo, Ella, Zephyr and Chin Soon, all of whom are gone now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Missing my little weasels

Nyssa keeps hanging in there. She has good days and bad, good times and bad. There are flashes of the old Nyssa now and again and there are times she just sleeps. There are times she's still in charge and there are times she can't defend herself. She defends her beloved stuffed doggie with all her might when she can. Nyssa is still beautiful and it's heartbreaking to watch her slip away.

Last weekend I left the ferrets with my former housemate and best friend who has been part of their lives from the beginning so I could start a new job with lots and lots of travel. The plan is for me to move back to NC and have the ferts when I am not on the road. In the meanwhile I miss them terribly and worry about Nyssa.

Ella, Zephy, Romana, and Chin Soon all are fine.

I need to update their website and post new pictures which I have.