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A blog with news about my ferrets: Tata, Izzie and Liira. There will also be reminiscense about Tenchi, Adric, Ker Avon, Ryo-Ohki, Nyssa, Lady Ayeka, Romana, Pertwee, Podo, Kodo, Ella, Zephyr and Chin Soon, all of whom are gone now.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chin Soon at Four

In June of 2004 a little frightened ferret came home with my housemate. This little ferret had been owned by a Korean family and when a family member who didn't like ferrets moved into the household their pet had to go. Chin Soon was dumped at a local martial arts studio who in turn called a local pet store who in turn called my housemate. Chin Soon was 11 months old at the time.

If you've done the math you'd already know Chin Soon probably turned four last month even if that wasn't the title of this post. (I don't know her exact date of birth.) The ferret who was afraid of everything, especially other ferrets, is now a rough and tumble, oh-so-playful little weasel who enjoys wrestling with Ella and Zephyr. So far she has thankfully been happy and healthy and has been an absolute joy.

Happy belated birthday, Chin Soon!

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