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Friday, May 29, 2009

Too Hot For My Ferrets (and For Me)

Our air conditioner is out and we're waiting for service to show up. They were supposed to "work us in" on Thursday but never showed up. This is North Carolina and we're already having summer weather. Even with everything opened up and the ceiling fans on it climbed to 82°F in the house. Even now, as of 2:27 AM, it's still 80°F indoors even though it's much cooler outside. It's also humid and I can't sleep.

Ferrets generally don't do well in temperatures over 80°F so the little weasels are probably even more uncomfortable than I am. I've made sure they have plenty of water and plenty of bedding to burrow into if they want. During playtime they seemed as happy and as active as ever at first but they ran out of energy and sacked out quickly. The few times they've had to deal with hot weather in their lives their energy level has always been way down.

It's supposed to get up to 88°F which is definitely too hot for my ferrets. If the air conditioning repair people don't show up early I'll have to make up some ice packs for the ferrets so that they can keep cool. That's pretty much all I can do until the A/C is fixed which, I hope, will be sometime during the day.

UPDATE: The A/C was fixed at 10 AM this morning. The ferrets are energizer weasels tonight and as playful as ever. What a difference a day and some cooler air makes.

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