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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ferrets and Figure Skating

As I mentioned in my Entropy (personal) blog, for two weeks every four years I turn into a couch potato who spends her time watching sports. I love the Winter Olympics. The ferrets love the Winter Olympics too. Yes, I'm serious. I know this to be an absolutely indisputable fact.

Why do the ferrets love the Olympics? If I'm home with the TV on there really is no reason the ferrets have to be caged, is there? They get to run around and play as much as they want. If I'm home and in the same room as the ferrets I'm not going to ignore them, am I? Also, what better way to spend those long commercial breaks than playing with the ferrets? They have lots of freedom and attention and yes, they love that. Chin Soon and Zephyr have boundless energy and really take advantage of the extra playtime. Ella does too but she needs more naps.

Nyssa has looked good the last week and hasn't needed her pain meds again but she's, sadly, been low energy. Summer is coming for a visit next weekend and Nyssa adores Summer so I'm hoping that stimulates her. In the meanwhile she keeps slurping lots and lots of her gravy and being affectionate so I can't complain too much. I'm just glad she's still here. I'm now counting down the weeks to her eighth birthday, something I didn't dream I'd get to celebrate. Now I think I just might. One problem: how do I do something special for a ferret who is already spoiled rotten and gets most everything she wants?

Anyway, last night's pairs figure skating short program competition was absolutely gorgeous. Ferrets and figure skating: it doesn't get any better.

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