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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ice Dancing and Weasel War Dancing

Last night's main event in NBC's Winter Olympics coverage was ice dancing, which is absolutely beautiful to watch. The ferrets did some dancing of their own, which is fun to watch. Ferret playtime was limited to about four hours because Summer was absolutely exhausted. Zephyr still had energy at that point. I think all the ferrets were glad to have Summer around again this weekend. Two people to play with and shower them with attention are probably better than one in any case.

Nyssa had a rough night last night and Summer saw her at pretty much her absolute worst. She still had a voracious appetite for four feedings of gravy plus a couple of Ferretvite treats but she was shivering and looked pretty miserable a lot of the time. She certainly didn't run around much and Summer and I did discuss the end for her. Today, though, Nyssa is feeling much, much better and my little intrepid explorer was back, looking bright eyed and chipper. If Nyssa hangs in there for exactly 10 more weeks she'll be eight years old. Today also marks 15 months since she was diagnosed with lymphoma. As I've written before Nyssa is one stubborn little weasel who never gives up. So long as she's eating well on her own, playing, exploring, and generally not showing signs of pain I plan on doing all I can for her and continuing to spoil her.

Chin Soon, as usual, is my frenetic ferret with the craziest war dance. Ella is just plan adorable, whether she's being bouncy and playful or cuddly and sweet. She also did her imitation of the Podo and Kodo bounce last night.

All in all I think the combination of ice dancing and weasel war dancing is a lot of fun for all involved. I'll try to get some new pictures this evening.

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